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Schedule Your Free 30-Minute Attorney Telephone Consultation (443) 300-2335

A La Carte Services

Individual services that can be purchased separately for a flat fee. If you have handled most of your case on your own or you only need a particular item completed by an attorney, this is a great option. Examples include having an attorney draft a separation or settlement agreement for you, having an attorney help you to answer discovery (Interrogatories and Requests for Documents), or having in-court representation at a final hearing or trial without the attorney having represented you in the earlier parts of the case.Read More

Limited Scope Representation

Also referred to as “UNBUNDLED LEGAL SERVICES.” You can choose a limited package of services to fit your budget and the needs of your case. Your attorney’s work will only include the items listed in the package selected. (See our package options here) Limited Scope Representation allows you to work through your case with your attorney to allocate your funds where they matter most. You will have the benefit of your attorney’s knowledge and experience throughout your case, but you will not have to pay for things that you can effectively do yourself like receiving mail from the court, filling out simple forms, sending things by mail or drop off to the court and opposing parties, or attending simple events…Read More

Full Representation

The traditional attorney/client model. One of our attorneys in your area is ready to handle every aspect of your case. Full-Service Representation is ideal if there are unique or complex issues in your case, or if you simply need someone with the time and expertise to devote to getting you the best possible result. Your attorney will talk with you throughout your case about what may be required including things like filing certain motions, conducting written discovery or depositions, issuing subpoenas, negotiating settlements, and talking with witnesses in preparation for a trial.Read More

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