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Different Services Work for Different Cases

Attorney of Record, we will handle all aspects of your case and represent you at all court appearances You and your attorney decide which parts of the case they will handle and which things you can do on your own Individual tasks that can be purchased separately for a flat fee
All elements of Limited Scope package PLUS: Attorney will complete the consulting tasks below: Stand alone services available:
Conduct or defend depositions Provide links to forms and court information Court representation for one hearing or trial
Communicate with opposing party, counsel, and court as needed Complete or review court forms with instructions for filing and service Draft individual pleading or motion
Conduct complete written discovery process Run computer support programs (i.e. child support guidelines) Draft other document required by court
Subpoena documents as needed Assist with Discovery Requests and Responses (Interrogatories and Requests for Documents) Draft settlement agreement
Interview witnesses, review all available documents Legal research and advice on specific legal issues Defend or conduct deposition
Maintain calendar for matter and ensure all deadlines are met Standby during mediation for client questions or advice Provide preventative planning and/or schedule legal checkups
Prepare for and represent Client at conferences and trial Prepare client for court appearances (Or add a la carte for one-time representation in court)


CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES in LIMITED SCOPE REP: In a LIMITED SCOPE REPRESENTATION ONLY, the client will remain responsible for the following tasks in their case:
  • Reading all documents sent to you by the court and other involved parties.
  • Immediately provide the Firm with any new pleadings, motions, orders, or other documents received by Client from opposing parties, court, etc.
  • Ensuring that any documents you are required to file are filed within given deadlines.
  • Ensuring that you maintain a current address with the court.
  • Appearing for any court appearance on time.
  • Any communication with the court or opposing counsel, unless otherwise agreed in your retainer agreement.
  • Cooperate with the Firm by timely complying with all requests for information.
  • Keep Firm advised of Client’s concerns and any information relevant to matter.
  • Keep all documents related to the matter in a file for review by the Firm/Attorney.
Rusz Legal Services

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