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You Can’t Go Wrong With Our Limited Scope Or Full Representation ServicesThis article discusses:

  • Two of our service tiers, limited scope, and full representation services.
  • The benefits of our limited-scope tier.
  • When we recommend full representation instead of limited scope.

What Are Some Benefits Of Your Limited-Scope And Full Representation Services?

Our limited scope and full representation services are designed for different needs without sacrificing quality.

Our limited-scope representation richly benefits clients in a position where they cannot afford full representation. We do not compromise the quality of our service for this tier whatsoever. Instead, we focus our service so clients can enjoy a cost-effective alternative to full representation.

Even for clients that are not on a tight budget, several elements of a divorce or custody case are administrative and do not require a law degree to be completed. This service tier is perfect for those who may be able to afford full representation but opt to be careful with their budget and have the time and energy to do certain things for their case. Our advice and guidance will move you in the right direction and help you save money.

If you can afford it, full representation is fantastic. It will get you an attorney who will handle every aspect of your case. This is immensely valuable to most people, especially in divorce and custody cases, because they are very stressful and emotionally taxing.

Depending on your specific case, we recommend it from the start. If there are severe allegations of abuse or neglect, problems with drug or alcohol abuse, complex asset issues – real estate, assets outside the country, multiple investment accounts, family business – or other complicating factors to your case, it is generally better if we handle the entirety of your case from the start.

For more information on Limited Scope & Full Representation Services, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (443) 300-2335 today.

Rusz Legal Services

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