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Finding The Best Legal Services Provided In MarylandRead this article if you:

  • Need a good service framework if considering hiring a lawyer.
  • Need a good example of how a law firm’s flexibility can truly help clients in various financial situations.
  • Are interested to see how our à la carte service can be just what you need if you want to self-represent but are not confident you can in only one part of your case.

How Can Your Firm Help Me?

Our firm has three legal services provided in Maryland, each designed to meet any potential client’s financial status and legal situation.

Full representation

This is when you would hire us, provide a retainer, and we handle every aspect of your case. Your attorney would enter our appearance in your case and become the attorney of record. We would handle all communications between the firm and the court, between us at opposing counsel, and appear at all court appearances, including conferences, hearings, and trials.


This is essentially a consulting service intended to give you and the attorney the ability to look at the case and determine what you can do on your own and what they need the attorney needs to do. This is a less expensive option because we only handle aspects of the case they have agreed to.

À la carte

This is the least expensive option and is the most simple. This option allows you to come to our firm and hire us for one specific task. For example, suppose you need a Separation Agreement and have already decided what you want to do with your spouse but are not sure you can write one informed adequately by all aspects of the law. We would write an enforceable contract and agreement for them to file with the court. Another example is how you could hire us just to handle one hearing or trial. Many use this option for their final trial after successfully navigating the process on their own before that point.

Could I Change My Legal Service With Your Firm After Already Hiring You?

Yes, clients can change their service if necessary.

We actually encourage clients to start off with limited-scope representation. Although the second-tier service we offer, we nevertheless ensure the best service possible and do not let anything fall through the cracks. Typically, as complicated and involved cases move on, we discuss moving to full representation with the client as we sense they feel like they need it.

Many clients regularly start off having us on a limited-scope basis because they do not have the budget for full representation or feel they have control of the case. Later on, their case becomes more complicated, or they realize on their own that they want more support. In those situations, it is easy to move from limited-scope representation to full representation.

On the contrary, it is more challenging to move from full representation to a limited-scope representation for several reasons. It is procedurally complicated and can also be confusing for a client when we reduce the level of representation. This also explains why we recommend clients start with limited-scope representation instead of full representation.

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